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It is always best to set your chairs up the day of your event. Pollen and dust can build up when they set them up a day or two before then you may find your guest complaining about dirty chairs. Make sure that you shut your sprinkler systems off while our equipment is set up on your property. Water and rain will absolutely damage our equipment. It is also very important that you make sure that all our equipment is set up under a tent or stored in a garage to keep the water away.
The following list approximates the capacity of different tent sizes:
  • 10'x10' (10 people)
  • 10'x20' (20 people)
  • 20’x20’ (40 people)
  • 20’x30’ (60 people)
  • 20’x40’ (80 people)
  • 20’x60’ (120 people)
  • 20’x80’ (160 people)
  • 30’x30’ (100 people)
  • 30’x40’ (140 people)
  • 30’x60’ (180 people)
  • 30’x70’ (220 people)
  • 40’x40’ (160 people)
  • 40’x60’ (240 people)
  • 40’x80’ (320 people)
  • 40'x100' (400 people)
First thing that you need to do is measure the area in which you want to put the tent. You must add 10 feet to the dimensions for staking. (This means that if you want a 20’ x 40’ tent then you need an area that is at least 30’ x 50’). This area must be flat with no obstacles in the way such as bushes, fences, rocks, trees, swing sets, pools, patios, decks or any other objects. We will need a height clearance of around 18 feet. If the dimensions that you come up do not meet our requirements then, give us a call so we arrange with you a site survey.
Solid vinyl sidewalls are $1.50 per linear foot. Windowed sidewalls are $3.00 per linear foot. Please advise us when placing your order if you would like sidewalls. In case of rain or cold weather, we are happy to provide sidewalls. It takes a very short time for sidewalls to be put on or taken off (they clip to a perimeter rope at the base of the tent top).
We routinely set up tents on concrete. They can be anchored with concrete anchors or by the use of water barrels ($15 charge per barrel) which alleviates the need to drill.
Under normal weather conditions tents provide a dry haven for outdoor events. Tents are temporary structures and ARE NOT intended to be occupied during lightning or high winds. Always evacuate to a permanent structure during severe inclement weather.
A tent permit is required by most cities and townships. Call your local City Hall at least four weeks before your event in order to get a permit. Our charge is $200 for this service (in addition to any fees that the city or fire marshal may charge). A DIGS Test may be required. Call the appropriate utility company to perform this one week prior to tent installation. We use 3-foot long stakes when securing specific tents. A DIGS Test prevents any damage to electric or water lines during installation. Underground sprinklers, septic tank/lines, and any other underground features must be marked. We suggest that you outline the area with chalk or string and point this out to our installers. We cannot see what is under the surface of the ground and take no responsibility for any damage to subsurface utilities/lines. Clear the area. Be sure that the area in which you want the tent installed is completely free of all obstructions.
We prefer to install tents about two to three days prior to your event. This gives us time to work around any weather changes and allows you time to decorate. If required, the fire marshal can conduct an inspection. Tents are generally taken down on the business day following your event.
We offer a variety of lighting ideas, staging, linens, and table decor for your event. In addition, tent liners, a linen drape that covers the canopy and creates a festive atmosphere, can greatly enhance the appearance of a tent. Often, we are able to match a school color or logo, a corporate business color, or provide lighting for a DJ or band. Please email or phone one of our tent consultants for complete details and assistance with decorating, lighting, and staging the tent for your event. If you choose to decorate on your own, please do not use anything that will get next to the white tent top and possibly cause a color transfer. Crate paper, balloons, signs, etcetera, are a few examples of items that may induce a color transfer. This will require the tent to be professionally cleaned or possibly replaced which will be the responsibility of the renter. Please email or phone one of our tent consultants for complete details and assistance with decorating, lighting, and staging the tent for your event.
Deluxe Tent Lighting: This is theatrical lighting that is “bounced” off the top of the tent. We can use gel in these lights so that you have an array of your wedding colors on the top of the tent.
We are happy to come to your event site and survey the area. There is a $75 charge for this service if the site is within the Phoenix metro area. If you are outside the Phoenix metro area, please call for pricing.

Please note: The $75.00 charge is applied to your actual order as a deposit paid when you finalize your event date with a credit card. In the event your event is cancelled or you decide not to have the event. The $75.00 is a nonrefundable fee.

Set up is not included in most of our prices. We realize how busy you are getting ready for your event, if you would like us to set-up your rental items, please discuss pricing and availability with us ahead of time. If set-up is not requested ahead of time, the drivers will only drop ship the items. We do have a delivery charge, call for more details.
When you know what you want and have a set date, call our office at 480-894-9521 to place your order. We will then check availability, go over pricing and answer any questions or concerns you may have at the time of ordering. If the equipment you want is available, we will then fill out a reservation and take a credit card or debit card to reserve and remove rental items from our inventory for your event date under the credit card holders name. Andrews can email you a confirmation along with the rental contract per your request or you may stop by the showroom to pick up a copy of your confirmed reservation. Andrews has a 2 week cancellation policy. Please make any changes to your order before the credit card is charged 2 weeks out before your event.
Once you have chosen a date and know what you need, DO NOT hesitate, call us as soon as possible to reserve the equipment you need for your event. Most commonly one month notice is sufficient though it all depends on the demand for that day.
We accept all major debit and credit cards. All reservations require a credit card to confirm and reserve items from inventory for your event date.
The average set up is usually 30 - 60 minutes. Larger tents may take up to 8 hours.
As long as we have a signed contract you do not have to be present. Please leave us all phone numbers where you can be reached during the day of your installation. Also, a diagram of your yard where the rental items should be placed would be helpful. Also use sticks or lawn furniture to mark out where the tent goes. If you have a sprinkler system, septic tank or anything in the ground on your property we should be told about before staking then you will need to be present to point out where we should not stake so our stakes don’t hit anything.
Make sure you DO NOT cut your grass the day of your tent installation. The green sap that is left on the surface of your lawn will stain our equipment as we have to lay most of it on the ground during our install. Another reason would be is that we wouldn’t want your landscaper or yourself to interfere with the installation of your party. It is always best to leave your grass a little long. Grass wears better when it is longer. If your party were on a Saturday you would want your lawn to be mowed no later than Wednesday. Cutting your lawn after the tent has been installed can be extremely difficult with all the poles and stakes in the way.
That all depends. It does not rain sideways and sidewalls will increase the temperature under your tent by 10-15 degrees. Sidewalls are good if it is cold, for privacy and if you want to block out an unattractive view close to where your tent is set up.
All of our items are usable outside when it rains as long as the equipment is under a tent or indoors.
We need 10 days to 2 weeks prior notice depending on the equipment rented on all cancellations or order adjustments. Any deposits are non-refundable.
16 x 16= 4 tables, 26 chairs
20 x 20= 6 tables, 40 chairs
20 x 30= 8 tables, 60 chairs
20 x 40= 10 tables, 80 chairs
30 x 30= 12 tables, 100 chairs
30 x 45= 17 tables, 140 chairs
30 x 60= 22 tables, 180 chairs
30 x 75= 26 tables, 220 chairs
40 x 40= 20 tables, 160 chairs
40 x 60= 30 tables, 240 chairs
40 x 80= 40 tables, 320 chairs
40 x 100= 50 tables, 400 chairs

(based on seating 10 to each table and other tables being used for food, gifts or displays) As you plan, you will also need to consider the seating arrangements, table placement, and the total number of people under the tent at any given time. Do you plan to use banquet seating (people sitting at tables) or auditorium seating (people sitting in chairs in rows)? Will you have a dance floor, DJ or Band, a stage, buffet tables, or gift tables? You will need to make allowances for this by going to the next size tent or maybe even two sizes up. If you are not sure, please call our office and one of our experienced tent consultants will help you decide.
Dance floor sections come in 3 x 3 foot sections. Each section can hold up to 4 people and cost $10 per section. Below is a list of sizes and sections:

Dance Floor Capacity




8 couples


12 couples


16 couples


20 couples


25 couples


30 couples


36 couples

*All our dance floors must be under a tent or used indoors and set up on a flat clean area. It is very important to keep our dance floors dry and clean